Google’s Adding Huge Banner Ads for Branded Queries

By October 24, 2013 April 14th, 2014 Digital Advertising

Yesterday, Google AdWords confirmed that they are testing huge banner ads to appear on search result landing pages for branded queries.

The screenshot below posted by @SynrgyHQ shows an example of a Sponsored ad for Southwest Airlines.


Compared to the present day search results page for [Southwest Airlines]


According to an article posted on Search Engine Land:

  • The banner is placed above what appears to be the organic listing. Taking up the majority of the above the fold real estate on search result pages. Giving searchers a branded search results experience.
  • It is unclear how brands will pay for the massive banners to be added to their site (CPC or CPM).
  • The test is only open to 30 advertisers and is only appearing in 5% of the search results.

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